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“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”  ― Henry Adams

Minimum requirements:


PlayStation 4 Console

Chat Headset

Social Club Account

25 or Older

Speak English

Full Time Employee or Student


Consideration for Crew Membership:


Crew members must contribute to society (currently hold a full time job or are a full time student).

Participate in at least 6 crew missions.

Free-mode with the crew for a minimum of 2 hours.

Receive approval from 1 Commissioner and 2 Lieutenants.

The Commissioner is responsible to inform the crew leader and provide contact information of the new member.

New members must log at least 3 hours per week for the first 3 weeks.  New members can be removed from the crew within the first 90 days at the discretion of the officers and leader.



Conduct and behavior are similar to the roads and streets of GTA; Guidelines.


Behavior and Conduct:


Respect your crew members.  Being talented with a particular skill is great for the crew, but don't abuse it in team matches to the point of causing another player to become humiliated.   The chat mic is open for a few seconds following a kill in the team matches, so use caution with derogatory comments towards opposing players.


Absolutely no cheat codes.  Use of game glitches to obtain money or rank is not permitted.  New members that have obtained falsely reported stats prior to joining will be overlooked.  The stats will be corrected based on averages collected by legitimate players and be adjusted on the weekly crew stat sheet. 


Bounties on crew members may not be claimed, unless the crew member with the bounty volunteers it to another player.


Communication is critical to a mission's  success,  so dialog needs to be pertaining the goal at hand.  Chat etiquette in free-mode is necessary to maintain an enjoyable experience for everyone, especially large lobbies.  Remember that you aren't the only player online.


It is strongly recommended that all crew members purchase housing at Tinsel Towers, referred to as "The HQ".  This provides a location for members to gather prior to engaging in missions and also facilitates a more efficient method of collecting and storing vehicles for future delivery to Los Santos Customs for increased earnings.


Have fun, it's a game.




Major violations of the above rules will prompt a review of the infractions by the Commissioners and Lieutenants to which disciplinary action will be decided and executed at the discretion of those appointed.


Established logged hours and sessions are required to maintain membership in the crew.




Minimum of 3 hours per calendar month.




Online for 1 crew session for a duration of at least 2 hours every 4 weeks.




Failure to meet hourly and session requirements will result in removal from the stat sheet.

Status will be noted on the stat sheet 1 week prior to removal.

Upon removal from the stat sheet, member will be kicked from the crew.


Account Usage:


Membership into the crew is a privilege given to the PS4 gamer tag provided and the individual owning that account.  If your gamer tag changes, your membership will be transferred into the new account.  A house guest or family member that is of the required age may participate in Crew activities for brief sessions.  If a guest uses your account for more than 2 hours per week or 4 hours per month, that person must create their own gamer tag and meet the established requirements to become a crew member.  Allowing excessive use of your account by another person will result in dismissal from the crew at the discretion of the crew officers.




Reinstatement to the crew can be made by logging at least 3 hours per week for 3 consecutive weeks.

Upon reinstatement, your stats will continue from the point prior to removal.


Crew rank and position are updated and posted on the Stats page.


Crew Rank:


Your current crew rank will be listed on the stat sheet.  Top portion of the stat sheet is sorted by global crew rank (crew rank obtained from Xbox 360 and PS4) and is the rank used for crew positioning.  The bottom portion of the stat sheet is sorted by PS4 crew rep points.  Rank in the crew is obtained by earning crew rep points.  Crew rep points are earned when you perform an online task that earns rep points and the following conditions are meet:


HBAG is listed as your primary crew.

At least one other crew member is present.


Crew rep points are then converted into crew rank using the same calculating method that Rockstar uses to determine your online rank.  A copy of this source is being used in Excel to automate crew rank on the stat sheet.  A PDF format  of the table can be emailed to any member who wishes to have a copy of it.


The Rockstar Social Club is the official reporting source from which rep points and stats are accumulated.   If you have reason to believe that your stats are not being reported correctly, notify a Commissioner and it will be investigated.


Crew Position:


Rockstar has established the crew positions (from top down) as Commissioner, Lieutenant, Representative, and Muscle.


Progression up the crew ladder is based primarily on the following:


The position below a higher position must contain an equal amount or more members (except for muscle).

Minimum crew rank to be eligible for promotion:

Representative - 50 (No time held as Muscle Required)

Lieutenant - 150 (Hold rank of Representative for a least 6 months)

Commissioner - 350 (Hold rank of Lieutenant for a least 12 months)


If you have the required rank, but there aren't enough members in your current position to allow you to be promoted, you need to help lower ranked members earn rep points to move up so that you can as well.


Position Minimums to Maintain:


Crew positions require minimum hours each calendar quarter (13 weeks) in order to maintain that position.  The minimums are as follows:


Muscle - 3 Hours Per Calendar Month

Representative - 2 Hour Weekly Average

Lieutenant - 4 Hour Weekly Average

Commissioner - 8 Hour Weekly Average


Failure to meet the minimums at the end of each quarter will result in lowering that member's position by one level.  If the minimums are meet the following quarter, that member will be reinstated to the previous position.


Crew Officers (Commissioners and Lieutenants)  have power to endorse new members and vote on crew issues, therefore they require more logged time to make proper decisions and spend time helping lower ranked members.

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