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HBAG Morning Crew​:

Join the early birds for an hour each weekday @ 6am to complete your Daily Objectives.  Nothing better to start your day off than a cup of coffee while blowing shit up.  We start at 6:30 on weekends (so we can sleep in) and stay on for a few hours.

Crew Night:

Tuesday and Thursday nights have been designated as Crew Nights.  Members start rolling in around 8pm and we play for several hours.  Our primary goal is to participate in larger activities (Captures, Deathmatches, Races, etc.)


October 25th:  RDR2 Launch Party

November 21st -25th:  Pennsylvania Road Trip

November 29th - December 6th:  Visit Rockstar London

December 15th:  Crew Christmas Party

December 29th:  New Year's in Highland, NC

HBAG Cup 2018 Schedule:

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