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5th Annual HBAG Cup Series

We've scheduled 10 races for 2022 at the Los Santos Speedway.  For the series, we race the figure 8 version.


  • Everyone races in their choice of Super car (electric cars excluded).

  • Stock or custom are acceptable.

  • We race 99 laps (approximately 90 minutes).

  • Points are awarded by finishing position.

  • First place receives 16 points.

  • Second place receives 15 points, down to 3 points for 14th place.

  • Minimum points for racing is 3.

  • Leader crossing the start line at the completion of each 10th lap gets 1 bonus point (9 points available).

  • The racer with the fastest lap time will receive 1 bonus point.

  • Beating best lap for the season will receive 3 additional points (awarded after 10th race).

  • Breaking Crew lap record (currently held by @GetSome) will receive an additional trophy at the Christmas Party.

  • The schedule is TBD each month according to availability of racers.

  • Each racer is allowed 2 misses per season and will receive the points for finishing last place for that race. Multiple missed racers during the same race will tie for last.


Race 10.jpg
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